How To Install Window Screen?

To replace a window screen, you must know how to install window screen. A window screen acts as a barrier to block insects during spring and summer. It is composed of a thin mesh stretched between a square or rectangular frame. Sometimes, a damaged window frame can allow pests to enter the home when the window is open. Today, I’ll teach you how to install window screen mesh from the outside and inside. Replacing a window screen is a simple and straightforward process. Without wasting much time, let’s find out how to install window screen a bit more in detail.

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How To Install Window Screen?

Follow these steps to learn how to install window screen by yourself.

  1. First, completely open the glass window from the inside so that you can access the entire screen frame.
  2. Now, locate the lift tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Gently, hand-pull the tabs upward to release the bottom of the frame from the window.
  4. Due to this, the screen’s frame will compress to allow spacing for screen removal.
  5. Slowly, pull the screen down and away from the window.
  6. Then, select a screen that offers better visibility and allows more airflow.
  7. If you’re fixing a screen with an existing frame, then replace the spline. Here, the spline is a flexible cord that keeps the screen in its place.
  8. If you don’t have an existing screen frame, build a new one.
  9. Now, measure the existing screen or location where the screen will be installed.
  10. Next, subtract 1- ½ inches from the height and width for the screen corners.
  11. If you’re using top-tension springs, subtract ⅛ inches more from the length.
  12. Place the frame down with the channel side up.
  13. Now, tap the center of each outside edge of the frame to your work surface to secure it.
  14. Then, lay the screening over the window frame.
  15. Using a pair of scissors, cut the screening 1-inch longer and wider than the frame.
  16. Cut the corners down the center to create pieces having 45-degree angles for a neat corner.
  17. Insert them into the frame spline if you’re using pull tabs.
  18. Using a grooved wheel, roll the spline into the channel on top of the screen to hold the screen in place.
  19. Make sure you keep the screen material straight for a polished appearance.
  20. Trim off any excess screening with scissors once you’ve completed all four sides.

However, you can use the spline’s top as a cutting guide and the spline’s outside channel as the cutting surface. 

Install Window Screen With Clips Or Pins

You can follow the same procedure to know how to install window screens with clips or pins. During this, simply press the pins into the frame using your fingers while you lift the screen out of the window. The replacement process is the same for both plunger pins and clips.

Install Window Screen Without Frames

Most window screens often come with frames to uninstall the frames. Follow these steps to know how to install window screen without frames.

  1. Using a measuring tape, measure the dimensions of your window.
  2. Now, take out your metal strips and place them on your window opening.
  3. With a pencil, mark the sizes and cut them accordingly.
  4. Once you’re done cutting, fit them into your window opening.
  5. Before sticking them make sure they are of the right size as they’ll be holding up the screen.
  6. Now, attach cords onto the corners pieces.
  7. Using a fishing wire, insert the cords into the hole of a corner piece.
  8. Gently, slip the fishing wire through the cord.
  9. Now, insert the other end of the fishing wire into the hole again.
  10. Allow the cord to pass through it.
  11. The cord will now hold the two frame corners together more tightly.
  12. Then, assemble the plastic frames together to make sure they are fitted through the frame’s corner pieces.
  13. Next, cut the magnetic strips and push the strips into the surface.
  14. It’s time to place the screen into the assembled frame.
  15. Now, attach the magnetic strips to the plastic frame along with the screen placed in between them.
  16. Make sure you leave some allowance on the screen so that the magnetic strips fit properly.
  17. Place the screen on a flat surface to reduce tension on the sides to prevent twisting.
  18. Once everything is fitted nicely, cut the screen to the size of the frame.
  19. For this, you can use the magnetic strip for a more seamless cut.
  20. Attach the screen to your window using the magnetic side.

During the entire screen installation process, make sure the screen remains consistently flat.

Many screen windows come without tabs or plunger pins. You can follow the same procedure to know how to install window screen without tabs.

Useful Tips For Safety

Here, I have given a few useful tips and safety reminders you must keep in your mind during this entire procedure.

  • Never climb or stand on furniture to reach the window screen if it’s too high.
  • During the installation process, never lean out the window.
  • Make sure nobody is standing outside the window in case you drop your tools or window screens.

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How Do I Install A New Window Screen?

  1. STEP 1: Remove the old screen from the frame.
  2. STEP 2: Size the new window screening material.
  3. STEP 3: Position the new window screen in the frame.
  4. Install the new spline.
  5. Remove excess screening material, and replace the new screen in the window.

Do You Install Window Screens From The Inside Or Outside?

Window screens are usually designed to be installed from the inside. Inspect the screen, looking for two tabs, sliders or pegs somewhere inside the frame. The tabs may be near the bottom, along the top or aligned on one side. Position these facing inside the house, facing you.

What Screws For Screen Tight?

Attach the base strip to wood framing using 1-in wood or sheet rock screws. make sure put a screw in each slot. Fasters should be snug, but not so tight that the base strip bends.

Can You Staple Screen To Wood?

Hold the screen in place at the top and staple the screen into the wood along the top of the porch every 2 inches using a heavy-duty staple gun loaded with galvanized staples.

Are Window Screens Really Necessary?

Window and door screens are mandatory if you like to let fresh air into your home. Screens also protect glass and doors from abuse like a ball flying at a window from your children playing outdoors. It’s also another obstacle a burglar needs to remove to access the inside of your home.

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Can I Install Window Screens Yourself?

Window screen replacement is an easy, inexpensive project that even novice DIYers can do. Here’s how to keep bugs and debris from coming through the holes in your screens.

How Do You Attach A Screen To A Window Frame?

Place the window screen into the window frame and hold it in place with 4 pieces of duct tape. You should place the duct tape on the corners of the screen. The tape should then span the screen and stick to the window frame.

Should Window Screen Spline Be Inside Or Outside?

Most window splines have a standard format with a similar look made of a typical rubber tube-like structure. The spline is pressed into a groove inside the screen frame or the frame where the screen has been installed. This is the easiest way to lock a screen in place.

Is Window Frame Necessary?

Overall, the main function of a frame is to hold the panes of the window in place—with the aid of spacers—and hold the window into the wall of a building. Taking into account the frame as well as the glazing when choosing a window is vitally important in ensuring that the energy efficiency of the window is suitable.


By reading my above post, you’ve got to know how to install a window screen in detail. Window screens come with different screen materials like aluminum, fiberglass, and polyester fabric. Regularly cleaning and replacing them as needed can help you to allow more natural light and airflow. The process of installing window screens can be a bit complicated for beginners. Here, I have even attached a video if you want to see how to install window screen clips. Make sure you carefully cut the frame pieces with a hacksaw. You can easily put new window screens on your home windows by learning how to install window screen.


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How do you install window screens yourself