How To Install Exhaust Tips?

How To Install Exhaust Tips? Exhaust tips are a popular aftermarket accessory for car enthusiasts who want to add a sporty look to their vehicle’s exhaust system. Installing exhaust tips is a relatively simple and straightforward process that can be done at home with a few basic tools. In this blog, we will discuss how to install exhaust tips on your car.

How To Install Exhaust Tips?

Step 1: Choose The Right Exhaust Tip

The first step in installing an exhaust tip is to choose the right size and style for your vehicle. Make sure the tip you select matches the diameter of your exhaust pipe, and check to see if it is compatible with your car’s make and model. You can find exhaust tips at auto parts stores or online retailers.

Step 2: Prepare The Exhaust Pipe

Before installing the exhaust tip, you need to prepare the exhaust pipe by cleaning it thoroughly. Use a degreaser or rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or grime from the surface of the pipe. Make sure the surface is dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Install The Exhaust Tip

Slide the exhaust tip onto the end of the exhaust pipe, ensuring a snug fit. If the tip doesn’t fit tightly, you can use a clamp to hold it in place. If the tip has screws, tighten them securely to prevent the tip from vibrating or falling off.

Step 4: Adjust The Angle

Once the exhaust tip is attached, you can adjust its angle to your desired position. You can twist the tip to align it with your bumper or adjust the angle to create a more aggressive look. Make sure the tip is level and straight before tightening any screws or clamps.

Step 5: Test The Exhaust System

After installing the exhaust tip, start your car and listen for any unusual sounds or vibrations. Check the exhaust system for any leaks or gaps that may have formed during installation. If everything seems to be in order, take your car for a short drive to see how it performs.

Tips For Success:

  • Always wear gloves and safety glasses when working under the car.
  • Make sure the car’s engine is cool before working on the exhaust system.
  • Use a jack stand or blocks to support the car safely.
  • Clean the exhaust tip regularly to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

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Can You Install An Exhaust Tip Yourself?

With the right approach and a few essential tools, you can even add them to your vehicle yourself. Find out how to install exhaust tips and learn how to choose the right model for your car or truck.

Will Exhaust Tips Change The Sound?

As we’ve stated, unfortunately, an aftermarket exhaust tip won’t actually do anything to alter the performance of your car; however, it will change a couple of things. Most notably: the sound. Installing a new set of exhaust tips will make your car produce a stronger, more powerful sound.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Exhaust Tips?

It can go up to $300 or more, depending on the thickness and quality of the material. Similarly, exhaust tip costs range from $25 – $150 on average. Most car exhaust systems come with pre-installed tips.

Are Clamps On Exhaust Tips Good?

If you are looking for durability, then weld-on exhaust pipe tips are the right choice. On the other hand, clamp-on designs are built to add style and variance. You can even own two or three designs and change them frequently. However, they are usually chrome plated and do not really last that long.

Can Exhaust Tips Fit On Any Car?

Make sure your exhaust tips will fit the diameter of your tail pipes. Sometimes you’ll be able to choose the right option for your year, make and model car, but especially if you have an aftermarket system installed, you’ll want to measure yourself. Check that you have proper clearance from your bumper cutouts.

Do Exhaust Tips Help Performance?

An exhaust tip – the part of your exhaust system which is visible from your car’s exterior – doesn’t actually do anything to alter the performance of your exhaust system, it’s merely a cosmetic upgrade. It is, however, a very popular one.

Where Should The Exhaust Tip Be Placed?

You want them to protrude past the bumper at least a little bit so the aero around the car takes the exhaust away from the back a bit. If they’re flush, exhaust ends up going to the inside edge of the bumper because of the way the air wraps around the car at speed.


In conclusion, installing an exhaust tip is a simple and affordable way to customize your car’s exhaust system. By following these steps, you can add a sporty and stylish look to your vehicle without breaking the bank. Remember to always take safety precautions and consult with a professional mechanic if you have any doubts or concerns.


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